Tours for groups (40 + 1)

Invitations to Latvia


We formalize invitation in order to obtain a tourist visa to stay in Latvia:

Visa is issued on the basis of the invitation, which has been formalized by travel agency „Baltic santur” in the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs. „Baltic santur” informs the client of the invitation number, on the basis of which client submits the necessary documents to formalize the visa in an embassy (or consulate) of the Republic of Latvia.
Invitation in order to obtain a single-entry tourist visa with maximum duration of stay of 30 days. We formalize the invitation within 4 business days. Necessary in order to obtain an invitation:
Passport copy, main page with the photo;
Birth date and place (country, city), citizenship, address of residence;
Countries, which the client plans to visit;
Hotel reservations for specific dates or purchased tour from „Baltic santur” Ltd.
Price: 50 euro per person.
Discount for groups and travel agencies - 20%