Sightseeing tour: Once-top secret Soviet bunker in rural Ligatne & Ligatne paper mill village

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Tour length: ~6h

Price: 49.00 EUR* per person



Included in the price:
* hotel pick-up and drop-off
all excursions and activities as described in tour programme
* group guide services
* taxes
* paid object: Ligatne secret Soviet bunker.

* Price is provided for groups of 10 people. Please ask the price for a larger group.

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In the morning we depart from the hotel

We are going to visit the once-top secret Soviet bunker in rural Ligatne. Ligatne Bunker, constructed nine meters beneath the ground, was intended to serve as a shelter for Latvia’s Communist elite in case of a hypothetical nuclear war. Displayed at the shelter are authentic exhibits which have survived there from Soviet times. The secrecy shrouding the bunker was so great that for 30 years, employees and clients of the adjacent rehabilitation center remained unaware of the underground structure underneath their feet. The bunker was built during the Cold War when the Soviet Union maintained constant high alert for a Western attack, more specifically a nuclear assault from the United States. It is hard to imagine, though, how the elite of Soviet Latvia would have been rushed to the bunker in a few minutes, given that the distance from Riga to Ligatne is 75 kilometers. This makes one suspect that the bunker might have been used also in case a nuclear war launched by the Soviet Union. The bunker was supplied with everything necessary to survive several months after a nuclear fallout.

You will have the chance to have an authentic Soviet 1980s-style meal, sitting at a table covered by wax-cloth and drinking from faceted vintage glasses.

The menu:
1. "Barricade" snacks (bread with sprats, pickles) 3.00 EUR per person.
2. "Underground" snacks (bread with salmon, pickles, vodka) 7.00 EUR per person.
3. "Worker's" snacks (bread with sprats, pickles, vodka) 4.50 EUR per person.
4. "Kolhoznieka" (soup, rye bread, drink) 3.50 EUR per person.
5. "Makaroni po flotski" (pasta with meat, pickles, drink) 4.00 EUR per person.
6. "Pelmeņi" (meat dumplings, sour cream, drink) 3.00 EUR per person.
7. "LCP CC First secretary's dinner" (chocolate "truffle", soup, pork chop with a bone and side dishes, dessert, hot drink) 12.00 EUR per person.

Active and adventurous people who are not afraid to go on a secret mission for an adrenaline boost, can take part in the reality game “Object X” at the bunker. Participants play the roles of secret agents on a mission to save their homeland from a catastrophe.

Then we are going to visit Ligatne paper mill village, in the end of the 19th century, was a economical and social hub for the workers of the Ligatne paper mill, necessary for the production of high quality paper. Ligatne ensured, for the time, high quality housing for the workers and directors of the paper mill. Healthcare, education and leisure opportunities were guaranteed for the workers. During two world wars Ligatne maintained it's original outlook and is left mostly unchanged. Most buildings still serve their original purpose and remain authentic to the times of the past. There are some objects of interest near the village such as caves used as storerooms, uniqe bridges, canals and canal locks built to accomodate the needs of the paper mill.

Arrival back at the hotel in the afternoon


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